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3 in 1 Fabric Pot


Capacity: 80L  21,13 gallon  Size: 50x50x30

Now a days people are using Fabric Growing bags to grow their own veggies and fruits at home, with all the new technology and we are still using plastic, Clay and Metal pots to grow our food and plants?

And what we don’t know is, why my lettuce and tomatoes are not growing healthy, and when they start growing they die, and you have to start again.

In Fabric Grow bags, you can grow everything and it will grow perfectly, thanks to the innovation and the creation of the POROUS Fabric which means air traspases the walls allowing roots to grow and multiply with great capacity to absorb nutrient. so it’s unlike plastic, metal, clay pots or conventional  containers.

Dimensions50 × 50 × 30 cm
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